When to visit Nepal
Nepal is beautiful throughout the year, but for unparalleled views of the the Himalayas, the end of September through the end of May are the optimal times to visit. Specifically, October through December are the best for clear views of the mountains. The spring months of February through May are warmer and the hillsides are ablaze with spring flowers and rhododendrons.

Fitness, health and comfort

Anyone who enjoys good health and is moderately active will enjoy our trips. We design our trips to acclimatize you to the altitude as well as the heightened activity level, not to mention what is often a completely different time zone for many. However, you will be walking in mountainous terrain and at high altitude and you should come prepared. We suggest taking hikes or walks that are at least half the distance of the longest day of your travels here, if not more. Also, be sure to select shoes and other gear such as backpacks that you will use during your trek and break them in during these training hikes. Please feel free to contact us for a list of suggested gear to bring to make your trek a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Passport, visa and trekking permits
A valid passport is required for a Nepali visa. If you are unable to get a visa before leaving your home country, one can be obtained upon arrival at Kathmandu airport. Additionally, a separate trekking permit is required and this will require four (4) passport-sized photos which you should bring with you. You must have a trekking permit before beginning any trek in Nepal.

Travel insurance

We require obtaining travel insurance against accidents, loss of baggage, cancellation or delay of your trip, and medical evacuations. In the rare event that a medical evacuation is necessary, it is often by plane or helicopter due to the rugged and remote areas that we travel in. Costs for a medical evacuation can exceed $3,000 USD. We recommend Travelex, as they offer online purchasing of travel insurance and a variety of packages to suit your budget. Finally, it is also imperative that you bring sufficient quantities of medications that you might require for your stay (it is recommended you bring extra in case of delays). Specialized medications may not be locally available.

Booking conditions
Booking your treks in advance is advisable as it helps us complete the formalities early, so please do contact us before you come to Nepal, if at all possible. We normally require a 25-percent booking deposit and the complete payment must clear prior to the start of your trek. We accept cash, travelers checks and credit cards.

Why hire a guide?

While it is possible to trek without a guide, it is advisable not to. Why? First, for safety. If anything was to happen to you during a trek, we are able to quickly assess the situation and determine what the best route to safety is. Many of the treks we offer are in extremely remote areas, with little or no mobile phone access. Safety is of utmost importance for us, as it should be for you.

Next, we hire reliable and trustworthy porters who will carry your gear through the mountainous terrain. During our treks we recommend you carry a day pack with water, gear for the changing temperatures during the day, extra food, your camera, etc. Hiring porters is advisable because most of our treks involve terrain that is steeper and the altitudes are higher than what you would encounter in most of the rest of the world. (This is especially true if you are coming from at or near sea level to trek through Nepal.) If you are serious about photography or videography, a porter is even more important as you will not be encumbered with unneeded gear, and you are also able to carry more lenses and equipment.

We have relationships with and prearrange lodging at the best available tea houses (as the lodges are called here), which makes your trip much more enjoyable. The last thing you want when you come into a village after a long day's trek is to have to find the last (and often least comfortable) bed available in a village. Once at a tea house, we oversee your stay, making sure food is prepared correctly and to your wishes, and other details are attended to.

Last but not least, we know the area, local customs and culture, and speak the language, and we can greatly enhance your stay by facilitating photography, meeting the local people, and educating you about the area.

We are so happy you are coming to see us! Here is some important information that may help you plan your trip.

All About Traveling To Nepal

I have a special request, can I contact you about it?
Yes! Every trek and safari we lead involves catering to your individual needs. We have customized trips for young children to accompany us, women who are pregnant and have altitude limitations, and even created routes that a couple's dog could join us on (and the dog had a blast!).

Please feel free to contact us.

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